Parables TV with On Demand
Parables TV has launched an updated Roku channel that contains the new On Demand content in addition to the Parables LiveStream. If you already have the Parables TV channel on your Roku, it will update automatically.

Follow these five easy steps to add the Parables TV channel to your Roku!

Step 1:
On your Roku device, go to "Search" and search for Parables TV. Select it and press the "Add Channel" button to add the channel to your Roku. The Parables TV channel will now be accessible from your Roku home screen.


Step 2:
Once the channel has been added, press the "Go to Channel" button to open Parables TV.

Step 3:
When the channel loads a "Watch Parables TV" message will appear, press the "OK" button on your Roku remote. The Parables TV channel will then display a code. You will need to use a computer for the next step.

Step 4:
In an Internet browser, log in to your Parables TV account and then go to, and enter the given code. Press the green Submit button to attach your Parables TV account to your Roku.

Step 5:
After you enter the code online, go back to the Roku screen on your television. The screen should refresh and will prompt you to begin watching our stream. Press the "OK" button on your Roku remote and start watching Parables!

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Need help hooking up Roku to your television? Click here for instructions.